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09 October 2008

Mistakes Were Made, But Anson Remains On Dougherty Co. Ballot

Yesterday, the Dougherty County Elections Board met to determine whether Democrat Richard Anson would remain on the ballot for the district 1 school board seat currently held by Republican David Maschke. The meeting was held after the chairs of the local Democratic and Republican parties asked the elections board to see whether Anson was legally placed on the ballot by the state Democratic Party after the winner of the July 15th primary, Judith Corbett, withdrew from the race.

The Albany Herald reports this morning that while there are some who still disagree with the methods used in making Anson the substitute Democratic nominee for school board, most agree that mistakes were made on both the local and state levels.

"There were mistakes made, on the local and the state levels," [Dougherty County Elections]Board Chair Commodore Conyers said after the special called meeting at the Government Center. "But the errors that were made were technicalities. The question we were faced with was whether these technicalities warranted taking (Anson’s) name off the ballot." [Source: Albany Herald, "Anson remains on ballot", October 9, 2008]

The board's answer was that even though errors were made all around, including an admission by Georgia Democratic Party Secretary Steve Leeds that state Democratic Party Chair Jane Kidd erred in not attaching his signature to Richard Anson's substitute nomination, those errors weren't sufficient enough reasons to throw Anson off the ballot.

So the campaign between Richard Anson and David Maschke goes on, although the divisions within the Democratic Party may have given Maschke the edge he needs to pull out a "W" in November.