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09 October 2008

McCain Yard Signs Stolen, Burned in Albany and Atlanta

Yard signs can't vote, but they most definitely can walk. And in some cases, they can spontaneously combust too.

In Albany and Atlanta, opponents of Republican presidential candidate John McCain have targeted his yard signs for theft and destruction.

An Albany woman says someone stole campaign signs out of her front yard, and took them from her neighbors as well. Brenda Stranberg put out McCain Palin signs about a week and a half ago. [Source: WALB-TV, "Political signs go missing", October 8, 2008]

An [Atlanta] woman said she went out to do some errands, and when she returned to her home on Courtenay Drive, she smelled something burning. She said her campaign sign for Senator John McCain was burned in the front yard along with a small patch of grass. The woman said she gets along with all her neighbors, but she is the only one on her block with a McCain sign. [Source: Creative Loafing, "Bizarre crimes from Atlanta police reports", October 8, 2008]

Being a politically active individual, I've had my fair share of yard signs stolen out of my front yard. And let me tell you, nothing annoys me more than having a yard sign go missing. People who steal yard signs are resorting to high school level politics; the kind where you'd find posters for class president on the ground, in the trash or defaced.

Brenda Stranberg, the McCain supporter from Albany, summed it up quite right:

"We can agree to disagree, but I wouldn't have the audacity to go on someone's property and pull out their Obama sign, I just wouldn't do that. We have freedom of speech in this country and we should be able to practice it."