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29 October 2008

McCain Endorsed By Marietta Daily-Journal & Albany Herald

In the weeks leading up to next Tuesday's presidential election, Republican John McCain and Barack Obama have been picking up support from some of Georgia's largest newspapers.

Obama won the endorsement of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and the Macon Telegraph.

McCain received the endorsement of the Savannah Morning News October 19th, and over the past two days, McCain has gained the backing of the Marietta Daily Journal and the Albany Herald.

Here are a few excerpts from the two papers' recent endorsement/editorial:

What this presidential campaign should boil down to is proven leadership. McCain has it. Obama may develop it, but the presidency is no place for on-the-job training.

McCain is a proven leader, one who is not afraid to run afoul of the powerbrokers within his own party when the good of the country demands it. He is a politician who time and again has placed his nation ahead of his political career and his party.
[Source: Albany Herald, "McCain best for presidency", October 29, 2008]

John McCain will not raise your taxes, will not expand the welfare state and will not invent a Big Government solution to every problem. He will strengthen our military to keep us safe and, unlike Obama, will not have to first consult a Rand McNally Atlas whenever a crisis erupts in a far corner of the world.

John McCain is a man of proven character, toughness, leadership and common sense. Unlike Obama, he has a long record of legislative accomplishment and bipartisan achievement. And McCain deserves your vote to be our next president.
[Source: Marietta Daily Journal, "Republican offers strength, leadership", October 28, 2008]

For those keeping count, both McCain and Obama has each received endorsements from three Georgia newspapers.