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03 October 2008

Lt. Governor Cagle, There's Government Waste Going On In Fulton County

Georgia's citizens are our best assets for spotlighting government waste at the federal, state, and local level. [Source: Cut]

Those are the words of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, and it seems as if some Georgians are heeding the words of the state's no. 2 elected official -- reporting government waste whenever they see it.

In Fulton County, WSB-TV (channel 2) followed a lead from a whistleblower and spotlighted a party where county vehicles were allegedly used to ferry government employees to the event on the taxpayers' dime and time.

Was it a waste of taxpayers’ money and time or a legitimate exercise in building morale among public employees? local government was throwing a party for some of its employees and using dozens of county vehicles to drive employees to the gathering during work hours.

The whistleblower who called WSB-TV Channel 2 clearly felt it was wasteful.

Fulton County officials disagreed.
[Source: WSB-TV, "Fulton County Vehicles Driven To Party During Gas Shortage", October 2, 2008]

According to WSB-TV investigative reporter Richard Belcher, the so-called team-building exercise included food, dancing, socializing and volleyball. I guess everyone will have to judge for themselves what the purpose of this party was, but from my perspective, it sure looks like government waste to me.