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01 October 2008

Lithonia's Mayor Gets A Pink Slip From The Voters

In the words of WWE Owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon, Joyce McKibben...Youuuuuurrrrr'e Fireeeeed.

[Lithonia Mayor Joyce]McKibben lost Tuesday night’s recall election 171-49, according to a tally at the precinct. The results are unofficial until election officials certify results in the next two days.

McKibben was undeterred Tuesday night, questioning the accuracy of the total and vowing to qualify to run in a Nov. 18 special election to pick a new mayor.
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Lithonia mayor ousted but unbowed", September 30, 2008]

But of course, Joyce McKibben is defiant in the face of rejection by her constituents. She's going to make an attempt at getting her job back.

Will she succeed? If the 171 people who booted McKibben from office stay unified then no, McKibben won't be successful in her re-election bid. If they are divided, McKibben might just sneak back in.