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03 October 2008

John Lewis: Doing Nothing Costs More Than Doing Something

Monday, Georgia Congressman John Lewis voted no on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. Today, he voted yes on the bill.

Below are the remarks Lewis made on the floor of the House before his vote:

"Madame Speaker, I have decided that the cost of doing nothing is greater than the cost of doing something. The fear that is gripping Wall Street has the power to shut down Main Street. We cannot and we must not allow that to happen. The people are afraid. Their retirement savings are slipping away. Small businesses have no sales, no credit, and are closing their doors. People cannot get loans. They are losing their lines of credit.

"We must act. We must do something. But I do not see this as a blank check. In a few months, we will have a new President and a new Congress. We must hold the feet of these financial institutions to the fire. It is only with that assurance that I will vote yes on this legislation. Thank you Madame Speaker."