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09 October 2008

Jill Chambers Kicks Off The Fall Silly Season With Mailer Against Opponent

From the start, observers of the district 81 state House race knew the campaign would be full of drama and silly attacks. Sure enough, that's what happened as state Rep. Jill Chambers (R - Atlanta) hurled accusations at her Democratic opponent claiming that he engaged in illicit "hardcore activities" online.


In the mailer (pictured above), Chambers alleges that Democrat Chris Huttman lurks around the internet asking people to send photos of themselves so he can post their pics on his website, Chris is Chambers also claims that when he's not posting others' pics online, Huttman is busy getting drunk and putting pictures of himself up on the 'net.

Now I've known Chris Huttman for about six years now and I don't ever recall him engaging in anything illegal online. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen Chris drunk or read about him requesting pics from strangers to post online.

If you visit Huttman's site, you won't see any of the vulgarity and crude references to body parts that Chambers accuses him of. What you will see, however, is some hardcore analysis of the Georgia political landscape. I know this because I've regularly visited Chris is over the past 3 years.

So I can't help but wonder what proof state Rep. Chambers has to back up her salacious claims that Chris Huttman is some kind of drunken cyber-predator who gets off on posting images of himself and others online.

Is Jill Chambers willing to stand by the content of her mail piece?

Or is her attack piece just another typical political antic designed to throw allegations out against her opponent to see what sticks.