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17 October 2008

Is It A Narrowing Race Or A Blow Out In The 10th Congressional District?

Athens Banner-Herald reporter Blake Aued has gotten a hold to a pair of new polls taken that show two completely different results in the congressional race between Democrat Bobby Saxon and Republican Paul Broun.

The Broun campaign says that their internal poll shows them leading the Democrat by 32 points, 62% to 30% [Source: Blake Aued's blog, "Or is Broun pulling away from Saxon?", October 15, 2008]. The Saxon campaign, on the other hand, says they trail by 10 points, 41% to 31 [Source: Blake Aued's blog, "Is Saxon gaining on Broun?", October 15, 2008].

Which poll is right?

Who knows.

A safe bet would be on the incumbent Congressman Paul Broun, but there's no need to write off Bobby Saxon either.

Anything could happen between now and election day.