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08 October 2008

Georgia GOP Holds Hefty Financial Advantage Over Democrats

October 7th marked the end of the grace period for candidates, political parties and political action committees (PACs) to file their September 30th campaign finance disclosures.

Both the Georgia Republican Party and the Democratic Party of Georgia filed their reports with the State Ethics Commission, with time to spare, giving the public a chance to follow the money trail for the state's two largest political parties.

For the GOP, the third quarter saw contributions cross the million dollar threshold bringing their fundraising for 2008 up to more than $3 million. Across the aisle, the Democrats raised just under $250,000 to bring their year to date fundraising totals up to a little more than $730,000 [Source: State Ethics Commission].

When expenditures are subtracted from both parties fundraising totals, the Georgia GOP holds a 5 to 1 financial advantage over the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Georgia Republicans report that they have a net cash on hand of $2,042,007.25 as of September 30th. The Democrats say that their net cash on hand is $351,450.26.