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03 October 2008

Dougherty Democrats & Republicans Ask Elections Superintedent To Uphold The Law

In a show of bipartisanship, the chairs of the Dougherty County Democratic and Republican parties asked their local elections superintendent to strictly adhere to the state law governing the filling of vacancies on the ballot when determining whether Richard Anson should remain the Democratic Party's replacement candidate for the district 1, Dougherty County School Board seat.

The local county party chairs' request is the latest in the ongoing controversy surrounding Richard Anson and his school board candidacy. Anson was named as the replacement nominee by the Georgia Democratic Party in an August 6th letter from state Democratic chair Jane Kidd after the winner of the July 15th primary, Judith Corbett, withdrew from the race.

According to the chairs of the Dougherty Democratic and Republican parties, Anson may have been improperly placed on the ballot because Judith Corbett failed to withdraw via a notarized affidavit as required by state law. The two county chairs also say that Richard Anson's nomination may not be legal because it wasn't certified by the chair and secretary of the state Democratic Party.

“This situation is much larger than the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, Mr. Richard Anson, Mr. David Maschke, race, ethnicity or gender," [Dougherty County Democratic Chair Dr. Constance]Burkes said. "It is not about idiosyncrasies, biases or vendettas. Please note for the record that our fundamental objectives are to ensure that the law, in its entirety, is complied with and that proper procedure has been followed.

"An issue of this magnitude, if not corrected, could create a precedent statewide. It is the intent that our bipartisan stance will ensure that this situation does not happen again."
[Source: Albany Herald, "Officials seek Anson hearing", October 3, 2008]

Dougherty County Elections Superintendent Carolyn Hatcher has indicated that the earliest the elections board may hold a hearing on Anson's candidacy is October 15th. Both Democratic and Republican parties have asked that a hearing be held earlier on October 10th.