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08 October 2008

Domino's Pizza Poll: Republicans Spend More Per Order Than Democrats

In case you were looking for proof that there's literally a poll for everything, Domino's Pizza has released the results of a survey that suggests Republicans spend more money per order, use credit cards more, like large pizzas and usually order them two at a time.

The poll also says that Democrats stay in and utilize delivery more, are more likely to pay with cash and like more variety with their orders, more often adding chicken, side items and beverages to their pizza orders.

Domino's Pizza Chief Information Officer, Chris McGlothlin, announced the results of the first week of the Domino's Pizza Tracker Poll saying that the company's goal was to determine if ordering trends are similar among consumers who identify themselves as being affiliated with a specific political party.

"Through our technology, we can match pizza and sandwich orders with our customers' self-identification with a political party to see what kinds of trends exist. In the first week, more than 61,000 customers have participated in the poll, and the findings are intriguing," McGlothlin said.

Domino's Pizza will report the findings of Pizza Tracker Poll every week until Nov. 4.

FYI, I don't remember the last time I had a pizza from Domino's. I usually order from Pizza Hut. Their italian sausage and pan crust is the best.