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27 October 2008

Democratic Members of Congress Rally to the Defense of David Scott

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D - South Carolina) along with U.S. Representatives John Lewis (D - Georgia) and Kendrick Meek (D - Florida) came to the defense of their Democratic colleague David Scott this afternoon calling the attacks made by his Republican opponent, Deborah Honeycutt, misleading and dishonest.

Democrat David Scott is running for a fourth term in the United States House from the 13th district. He is being challenged by Republican Deborah Honeycutt who has run radio ads and television spots accusing Scott of being corrupt.

"Putting the label of corruption on David Scott goes beyond the pale," Rep. James Clyburn said. "This kind of name-calling is the kind of stuff we're trying to get out of politics."

Clyburn also spoke of Scott's work on the House version of the farm bill which included include funding for historical black colleges & universities (HBCUs).

"David Scott is a very good, productive member of Congress," Clyburn said. "I am proud to be a friend with him and proud to have him serve as one of my senior whips."

The Dean of Georgia's congressional delegation, John Lewis (D - 5th district), criticized Republican Honeycutt for supporting the privatization of Social Security.

"Social Security is a sacred trust for the American people," Lewis said. "David Scott will continue to fight to protect Social Security."

"Honeycutt wants to do something very different. Honeycutt is extreme. She is very much in line with Bush and McCain," Lewis continued.

Kendrick Meek, a Democratic member of Congress from Florida, agreed with both Lewis and Clyburn adding that voters in the 13th district were waiting in long lines to vote for hope and change.

"They're going to get something different than what they are voting for if they follow Honeycutt," Meek said.