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22 October 2008

Deborah Honeycutt Deflects Criticisms Of Her Campaign's Finances

Meet Deborah Honeycutt.

She's a physician. She's a conservative Republican. And she's running for Congress in the 13th district.

Yesterday, Deborah Honeycutt participated in a debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club where she spent a considerable amount of time answering questions concerning her campaign's finances and fundraising tactics.

"I am so happy I have gotten support from all over the country," Honeycutt replied to a query about her campaign's contributors. "It would be hard to raise money of that amount within the [13th]district."

According to FEC reports filed September 30th, the Honeycutt campaign raised 4,373,410 mostly from contributors outside of the district. However, the campaign also spent $4,075,991 leaving it with $317,285 in the bank and $299,383 worth of debt.

Honeycutt has been criticized in the past for raising large amounts of campaign cash, yet having little to show for it in the form of a legitimate electioneering machine [Source: Georgia Politics Unfiltered, "Deborah Honeycutt: Over $1.7 Million Raised & Still Nothing To Show For It", July 1, 2008]. Andrew Honeycutt, the candidate's spouse and a consultant on the campaign, responded by saying $1.2 million had been spent on television spots airing on Comcast cable and local ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

Despite the Honeycutt campaign's assertions to the contrary, Clark Atlanta University political science professor William Boone said Deborah Honeycutt's candidacy didn't seem to be well organized.

"It doesn’t come close to looking like a $4.3 million campaign," Boone said. [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Non-incumbent raises $4.3 million for her campaign", October 22, 2008]