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24 October 2008

Chambliss Picks Up Two Newspaper Endorsements

Saxby Chambliss, who is seeking another six-year term in the United States Senate, received a boost to his re-election campaign picking up the endorsements of the Macon Telegraph and the Savannah Morning News.

Writes the Savannah Morning News:

Sen. Saxby Chambliss has a solid record of looking out for Georgians.

Mr. Chambliss has been a senator that Georgians can count on to serve their key interests - the economy, jobs and national defense. He's supported Supreme Court nominees who interpret the law (Justices John Roberts in 2005 and Sam Alito in 2006), not make law from the bench.
[Source: Savannah Morning News, "Senate pick: Send back Saxby", October 23, 2008]

And from the Macon Telegraph:

...we are not ready to kick Chambliss to the curb just yet. Chambliss' knowledge of Middle Georgia interests, particularly agriculture and Robins Air Force Base, make him a vital component in the economic future of the mid-state. Chambliss has not forgotten what part of the state he comes from, and he must be given credit for his courageous vote for the $700 billion bailout bill. For those reasons and more, we choose Sen. Saxby Chambliss. [Source: Macon Telegraph, "Endorsements for Bibb County Commission chair and District 4 seat, U.S. Senate", October 24, 2008]