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28 October 2008

Bobby Saxon Scores Athens Banner-Herald Endorsement

Democrat Bobby Saxon is seeking to become a member of Congress from Georgia's 10th district. He's low on cash and most political pundits don't give him a chance of winning in the heavily-Republican district he's running in. However, Bobby Saxon does know the issues and for that reason, the Athens Banner-Herald endorsed his campaign for Congress.

This country is facing some serious challenges. The economy continues to falter, and war continues in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is no time for the sloganeering and assorted other partisan cheap shots that have come to define the civic discourse in this country; it's a time for people who can lift the political process out of those sorry depths.

In the one chance he gave voters to see, head-to-head with his challenger, whether he was up to meeting the challenges of this sobering hour in American history, Broun failed, and failed miserably.

The best choice in the 10th Congressional District race could hardly be clearer. It's Bobby Saxon.
[Source: Athens Banner-Herald, "Saxon is newspaper's choice for 10th District in Congress", October 28, 2008]

Interestingly enough, just over a year ago, the Athens newspaper endorsed Paul Broun during his congressional campaign against Republican state Sen. Jim Whitehead [Source: Athens Banner-Herald, "Broun is best choice for the 10th District", June 27, 2007].