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12 October 2008

Augusta Chronicle Endorses John Stone For Congress

It was an endorsement that John Barrow probably would not expect to get, and he didn't.

For the third time in six years, the Augusta Chronicle has thrown its support behind the GOP candidate in Georgia's 12th congressional district. In this year's election, the newspaper's endorsement has gone to Republican John Stone.

The Augusta Chronicle editorial board calls Stone a "rock-solid choice" for the 12th district.

"John Stone is so impressive, so knowledgeable, so commanding a presence and so inspiring that it's amazing he's not already in Congress." [Source: Augusta Chronicle, "Stone a rock-solid choice for Congress", October 12, 2008]

Of course, Democrat John Barrow has won election to Congress in the 12th district twice without the backing of the Augusta Chronicle. And if the CQ Politics election forecast is correct, Barrow is favored to get another two years in the U.S. House [Source: CQ, "Georgia Dem Barrow’s House Re-Election Odds Improve", September 25, 2008].