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07 October 2008

Another Doughery County Democrat Weighs In...

...More and more, it is appearing like the Georgia Democratic Party made a mistake by placing Richard Anson on the district 1, Dougherty County School Board ballot after the winner of the July 15th primary, Judith Corbett, withdrew.

The latest Democrat to express concerns over the way Anson became a candidate for school board is Dougherty County Commissioner Jack Stone.

The Albany Herald is reporting that Stone inquired about what action the county commission could take to resolve this issue.

"All this rigmarole about David Maschke and Richard Anson seems like a big scam someone’s trying to pull over," Stone said.

"This thing should have been done right to start with," Stone said. "They’ve had plenty of time to do this right, so there’s no reason the taxpayers of this county should end up paying for another election. If they keep dragging their feet, that’s what’s going to happen.

"What everybody should do is leave that boy (Maschke) alone. He’s the only one on that board that asks questions and demands answers."
[Source: Albany Herald, "Stone seeks answers in board race", October 7, 2008]

The Albany paper also reports that the Dougherty elections board has called for a special meeting to be held Wednesday afternoon for the purposes of determining whether Richard Anson's substitute nomination was made in accordance with state law.

The meeting was scheduled after the chairs of the local Democratic and Republican parties held a joint news conference last week requesting that county elections superintendent Carolyn Hatcher strictly adhere to the state law governing the filling of vacancies on the ballot when determining whether Richard Anson should remain the Democratic Party's replacement candidate for the district 1, Dougherty County School Board seat [Source: Albany Herald, "Officials seek Anson hearing", October 3, 2008]