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17 October 2008

635,798 Georgians Voted Early Including Fmr. UN Ambassador Andrew Young

With 18 days left until Election Day, 635,798 Georgians have voted early including a 106-year-old Fulton County resident and former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young.

An Atlanta woman is living proof you’re never too old to get out and vote. Ann Cooper, 106, said she has voted in numerous presidential elections (including the 2008 election). Cooper hopes to motivate others to cast their ballots.

"By all means, no matter what, get out and vote. Vote your choice," said Cooper.
[Source:, "106-Year-Old Atlanta Voter Says Age Doesn’t Matter", October 16, 2008]

As his name was called, [former United Nations Ambassador Andrew]Young walked stiffly toward the voting machines, waving and shaking hands with others waiting in line, their eyes twinkling with recognition and pride.

Six minutes later, Young emerged smiling, an "I’m a Georgia voter” sticker displayed on his blazer."
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Former Atlanta mayor casts ballot of his dreams", October 17, 2008]

So...a 106-year-old lady voted. Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young voted. My soon-to-be 62-year-old mother, who had to read the Constitution just to register, voted. I've voted.

What's your excuse for not voting?

There are 5,598,425 Georgians on the voting rolls [Source: Georgia Secretary of State, "Voter Registration Statistics", October 1, 2008]. As of today, 4,962,627 Georgians haven't voted, but there's still time.

18 days to be exact.

Click here for your county's early voting locations.

Below is the demographic breakdown of Georgia's early voters as of October 17th:

Black Female - 142,406

Black Male - 85,779

White Female - 211,340

White Male - 173,234

Asian/Pacific Islander Female - 1,342

Asian/Pacific Islander Male - 1,025

Hispanic/Latino Female - 1,769

Hispanic/Latino Male - 1,396

Native American Female - 39

Native American Male - 50

Other - 17,418

Total - 635,798