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09 September 2008

Talk Radio Host Chris Krok Takes On Macon City Council Member

I met talk radio host Chris Krok once while he was doing a live broadcast from Hank Johnson's campaign headquarters the night Johnson defeated Cynthia McKinney in the 2006 Democratic primary run-off. When Krok was on WSB radio, I listened to his show because, quite frankly, I found the man entertaining.

You may remember Chris Krok's counter-protest at an Atlanta immigration rally where he, armed with nothing but a bullhorn and two police officers at his side, chanted "No Se Puede." That was awesome.

I was a little disappointed when Krok was taken off the air in Atlanta, but the man is back and he's raising all kinds of san down in Macon.

His first day on the air, Krok took it to Macon City Councilwoman Elaine Lucas telling her "I am not one of your constituents. You are not allowed to talk over me ad infinitum. You will not stymie me." [Source: Macon Telegraph, "Chris Krok lands spot as 940 talk-show host, hits the air Monday", August 14, 2008]

Then just last week, Krok went to a Macon City Council meeting where council members Elaine Lucas and James Timley attempted to prevent him from speaking at the meeting. Macon City Council President Miriam Paris decided that even though he hosts a daily talk radio show, Krok still has the right to speak at council meetings so long as his comments aren't derogatory [Source: Macon Telegraph, "Krok goes after Lucas at council meeting", September 6, 2008].

As I said, whether or not you agree with his politics, the man is entertaining, so I may have to listen to his show, KrokTalk, online from time to time.