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10 September 2008

A Tale of Two Cities...One Raises Taxes, The Other Cuts Them

Picture this...

...Two cities in Georgia recently vote on the level of taxation that their residents will pay for the next year. One city is in a heavily Democratic county while the other city is in a heavily Republican county.

Which city, do you believe, will vote to raise taxes and which city will vote to cut taxes?

If you guessed that the city in the heavily Democratic county would vote to raise taxes, then you guessed wrong. If you guessed that the city in the heavily Republican county would vote to cut taxes, then you guessed wrong again.

This week, two Georgia cities, one in heavily Democratic Clayton County and the other in heavily Republican Cherokee County, set the annual millage rate for their residents.

In Jonesboro, the city council voted to roll back the millage rate to zero, meaning that if you live within the Jonesboro city limits and own property, you will pay no property taxes to the city [Source: Clayton News Daily, "Jonesboro taxes rolled back to zero", September 10, 2008]. In Woodstock, the city council voted to raise the millage rate by 11%, meaning that residents of the City of Woodstock will be seeing higher property taxes this year [Source: Cherokee Tribune, "Woodstock OKs 11-percent mill increase", September 10, 2008].

Now isn't that funny.

The city in the Democratic county cut taxes while the city in the Republican county raised taxes.