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19 September 2008

State Senate Republican Leader Warns Of Additional Education Cuts

Georgia State Senator Eric Johnson (R - Savannah), the Senate President Pro Tempore and a rumored candidate for Lt. Governor, told the Gainesville Times editorial board that because of the declining revenues, the state may be facing a $2 billion budget deficit and additional cuts in education might be needed to keep the state budget balanced.

The Republican leader of the state Senate predicted the state of Georgia’s sliding revenues could lead to a $2 billion budget shortfall.

"There’s probably a little waste still out there, but we’re going to hit bone. Cutting $2 billion will hurt parks, prisons and mental hospitals," Johnson said.

"My prediction is that we’re not going to be able to find the savings he (Gov. Sonny Perdue) wants and we’re going to have to cut education more," Johnson said.
[Source: Gainesville Times, "Senate president pro tem predicted state's budget shortfall", September 19, 2008]

Johnson also said that despite the state Democrats' call for a special session, it's unlikely to happen in an election year because doing so might jeopardize the Republican Party's electoral prospects in November.

"If you put the General Assembly back in session and ask them to cut $2 billion in an election year, there would be blood on the floor and it wouldn’t accomplish anything," Johnson said.