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16 September 2008

The State Democratic Party Disrespected Dougherty County Democrats...

...And now, it may end up costing them a Democratic seat on the Dougherty County School Board.

Today, the Albany Herald is reporting that the Dougherty County Republican Party is challenging the candidacy of Democrat Richard Anson with the Secretary of State's office [Sourcce: Albany Herald, "Anson board candidacy to be reviewed", September 16, 2008].

At first glance, the article looked like Republican shenanigans less than two months before the November election. But after just a little research, it's not the Republicans who are to blame for the Democrats' electoral problems but the state Democratic Party itself.

In August, after the Democratic nominee for the district 1 school board seat, Judith Corbett, withdrew from the race, the Democratic Party of Georgia installed its own candidate (Richard Anson) into a local county school board race without first consulting with their county party officials on the ground.

Dr. Constance Burkes, the Dougherty County Democratic Party Chair, told the Albany Herald that "Anson's name was submitted by the Democratic Party of Georgia’s executive committee without input from the local party." [Source: Albany Herald, "Anson to vie for BOE", August 8, 2008]

Now what has occurred in Dougherty County is typical of the current leadership in the state Democratic Party. They regularly make decisions without consulting the people who have intricate knowledge of the issue at hand, and then when the mess hits the fan, they have to go back and clean up a mess of their own making.

Let me be clear here...

...Yes, I, as a member of the state Democratic committee, am upset with what has gone down in Dougherty County because the leadership of the state Democratic Party acted in the name of the highest authority of the Democratic Party of Georgia [Source: Charter of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Article II, Section 1], undermined a county Democratic chair and a county Democratic Party, and selected a Democratic candidate for the Dougherty County School Board who voted in the Republican primary.

That is something you just don't do.

There are no words to describe the amount of disrespect shown to the Dougherty County Democratic Party and its elected county chair by Jane Kidd and the folks who made this completely wrong decision.

And if the Dougherty County GOP are successful in their challenge to Richard Anson's candidacy, then the absence of a Democrat on the ballot for Dougherty County School Board district 1 should be blamed completely on the state Democratic Party for not talking to their county chair first.

This was their decision and they need to take responsibility for it.