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26 September 2008

State Democratic Leaders Say GOP Are "Derelict of Duty" In Economic Crisis

In a press release put out by the Georgia Democratic Legislative Caucus yesterday, House and Senate Democratic leaders claimed that Georgia Republicans were derelict of duty during the state's economic crisis. The Democrats also called on Gov. Perdue to cut short his trip to Europe and re-convene the state legislature in a special session to deal with the state's worsening budget crisis.

"Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle say a special session to address the collapse of state revenues and the perverted spending priorities spawned by the Governor's budget choices would be too costly. But now the Governor, just off the plane from a trip to Texas, is jetting off again to Europe," said Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown. "I wonder how many of Georgia's war veterans could be cared for with the money being used to fly the Governor's party to China, Europe, and other exotic locales."

Despite the Democrats' continued calls for a special session of the legislature, Georgia GOP leaders seem reluctant to call one in the midst of campaign season. In an interview with the Gainesville Times editorial board, state Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson (R - Savannah) said a special session in an election year would be unlikely.

"If you put the General Assembly back in session and ask them to cut $2 billion in an election year, there would be blood on the floor and it wouldn’t accomplish anything," Johnson said. [Source: Gainesville Times, "Senate president pro tem predicted state's budget shortfall", September 18, 2008]