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14 September 2008

Paul Broun Shows a Great Disdain for Athens and the People There.

By choosing not to debate Democrat Bobby Saxon , Congressman Paul Broun (R - Georgia) has (using his own words) shown a great disdain for the Athens and the people there.

Those are the sentiments expressed in two columns appearing in today's Athens Banner Herald as the paper continues to criticize Broun for ducking debates just a year after he attacked his former opponent, Jim Whitehead, for doing the same.

Last year, Broun needed to draw Jim Whitehead into the public arena to showcase what an empty husk Whitehead truly was. The Augusta Republican's handlers understood that - as well as their candidate's propensity to say idiotic things in front of microphones - and kept him out of debates. His arrogance cost Whitehead a slamdunk win.

Now, he's employing the same tactics he decried Whitehead for a year ago. They have a word for people like that: Politicians.
[Source: Athens Banner-Herald, "Winders: Broun doesn't need you, just your vote", September 14, 2008]

On Wednesday, the Athens Press Club was notified that Broun was skipping its scheduled debates on Oct. 20 and 27 with Bobby Saxon, the Democratic candidate from Nicholson who is challenging Broun in the November election.

In declining the debate invitation, Broun didn't bother to come up with an excuse about a scheduling conflict. Apparently, he has no qualms in admitting he doesn't think facing his opponent and answering questions is worth the time. A Sept. 11 article in this paper referenced Broun's spokeswoman, Jessica Morris, as saying that Broun can't attend every debate nor does he need to, because voters already know where he stands on issues.
[Source: Athens Banner Herald, "Broun debate flip-flop raises serious issues", September 14, 2008]

There's no denying that Paul Broun is in a Republican-leaning district, however, Republican or not, voters should not reward any elected official with another term in office after that elected official has blatantly disrespected them by ducking out on debates.