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09 September 2008

Obama's Commitment To Georgia On Shaky Ground

Between June and August, I posted about three or four Obama campaign television spots on this site; commercials that were among the first Democratic presidential ads seen in the Peach State since 1992.

Now the word on the street is that the Obama camp has yanked all of its advertising from Georgia and even has moved some of its Georgia field staff to other states.

Obama recently stopped running ads in Georgia, a state the campaign originally identified as a potential battleground. Some Georgia field staff was moved into North Carolina, said [Obama campaign manager David]Plouffe. [Source:, "Obama camp briefs McCain press corps", September 9,2008]

If the news from isn't enough for you to chew on, here's something else for y'all to digest:

The AJC Political Insider today asked the question, "Did the Barack Obama campaign in Georgia just blink?"

To their credit, Obama's Georgia team says the national campaign is not pulling back.

"We have a strategy to win Georgia," [state Sen. David]Adelman said. "It might not be the same plan to win Ohio, but we have a plan to win Georgia." State Sen. David Adelman (D-Atlanta) is a member of Obama’s national finance team and his Georgia leadership team. [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Democrats deny Obama cedes Georgia", September 8, 2008]

However, I'm going to have to be honest with you. I'm just not feeling it.

I just don't think Barack Obama will win Georgia. If Obama pulls more than 45% in this state, I'll be surprised. And I know this may sound bad, but I still have a lingering feeling that Barack Obama and the Democrats may not win this presidential election.