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18 September 2008

John Stone Accuses John Barrow Of Voting Against The Troops

The 12th district congressional campaign has heated up with the Republican John Stone accusing Democratic Congressman John Barrow of voting against the troops.

In a 60-second radio spot, John Stone criticizes Congressman Barrow for voting against the surge in Iraq and claims that Barrow's vote against the surge was also a vote against the troops.

"But they [the troops] had to do so with Congressman John Barrow having voted against them and the surge, giving encouragement to al-Qaida to keep fighting," the ad says.

" ... And now that our forces are winning the war in spite of Barrow's treachery, he's telling The Associated Press that their victory is just a coincidence."
[Source: Savannah Morning News, "GOP foe's radio ad slams Barrow's vote against surge as a vote against the troops", September 18, 2008]

Barrow's response to the ad was that Stone's claims were false.

"To claim I ever voted against the troops in any way is flat-out false," Barrow said. "I took on my own party leadership and opposed every effort to cut funds for the war. And I've voted for body armor, armored vehicles, pay increases for our troops, the G.I. Bill, and increases in veterans benefits."

Barrow most certainly has stood up to the Democratic leaders in the U.S. House on numerous occasions. He represents his district well and I'm sure his voting record reflects that. Any claims to the contrary is just...well it's just politics.