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30 September 2008

John Lewis Expressed Reservations On Bailout Bill Last Week

Yesterday, Georgia Congressman John Lewis (D - 5th district) was one of 95 Democrats that cast a "nay" vote on the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 also known to the public as the $700 billion economic bailout bill [Source: House Roll Call #674].

When contacted for comment, Lewis' office explained that the Congressman expressed reservations about the bill last week in a September 25th statement.

"Why is it that we can find a way to bail out Wall Street, but we cannot help the people struggling on Main Street? People are losing their jobs, their homes, and struggling without health care. No one has come to their rescue, but yet overnight we are pressed to come to the aid of Wall Street," the Lewis statement read.

"We must protect the resources of the American people to ensure that their tax dollars are available to give them the services they require, not siphoned off to pay for the failures of private industry." [Source:, "Rep. John Lewis on Wall Street Bailout", September 25, 2008]

The Congressman's office also expressed that Lewis did not feel there was enough mandatory support for his constituents and American taxpayers who are struggling with their own mortgage and credit crises.