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26 September 2008

Insider Advantage Poll: Saxby Under 50%, 46% Undecided On Jim Martin

Insider Advantage Georgia has released the results of a new poll conducted between September 22nd and September 24th. What the numbers say is that while U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R - Georgia) has a job approval rating under 50% in an election year, nearly half the voters are undecided or don't have an opinion of his Democratic opponent, Jim Martin.

Saxby Chambliss Job Approval Rating:

Approve - 49%
Disapprove - 31%
Undecided/Don’t know - 20%

Jim Martin Favorability Rating:

Favorable - 38%
Unfavorable - 16%
Undecided/Don’t know - 46%

[Source: Insider Advantage Georgia, "Political Polling Numbers Drop For Georgia Leaders ... Atlanta Mayor's Race In Flux", September 25, 2008]

What's interesting in this poll on Jim Martin's favorability is that almost half the state doesn't have an opinion of Jim Martin despite the fact that he ran for state-wide office two years ago.

Matt Towery, the chairman & CEO of Insider Advantage, says of the poll, "...With a rather small media presence, Martin is known by just a bit more than half the state. This would explain why Chambliss has not felt compelled to advertise heavily to this point."

While Chambliss has yet to saturate Georgia's airwaves with campaign spots, he has purchased $5.2 million in television airtime [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Chambliss hits the local airwaves", August 30, 2008]; time that could be used to define Jim Martin and give the 46% of Georgians who have no opinion of the Democrat a negative one.