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13 September 2008

Guest Blogger: Pat Pullar Says Vote...Or Cry

I do not know whether African American’s are energized about the upcoming presidential election. I just came from registering voters outside of a nightclub in South Fulton. Most individuals were courteous and grateful that someone took the time to register voters. Half of the people registering were actually workers at the club. The other half had just moved here, or were not sure if they were actually registered, (we are still missing the voter education piece). I advised them if they had not voted in the last two general elections; the 2004 presidential election or the 2006 gubernatorial election; they were purged from the voter lists.

The reason I am confused about our folks’ energy is because most of the individuals were African American women that could care less about registering, hearing about early voting and than a couple of women flat out told me, “ I don’t vote.” I said to myself, “Am I crazy, or is it them.” What sane African American woman hasn’t heard the outcry for change? Have they been asleep? Has the movement for Obama gone south? I thought we were electing someone who will ensure affordable healthcare for our families, quality jobs that stay here in America and a good public education system with a pathway to an affordable college education. Has any of these issues registered on their radar? Do they have radar?

Where have these women been the last year and a half? Why don’t they feel the same fever I feel that I can’t go on this way for another four years. I have lost nearly $20,000 in equity from my home, seen record numbers of people lose their jobs and I recently finished paying off $30,000 for healthcare costs because I didn’t have health care insurance at the time of my hospitalization. I had to pay an extra $500 a month to my mortgage company to stay in my home and they only gave me four months to catch up. I have eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day for lunch and I am constantly behind in my utility bills. What are these women doing that they can arrogantly say they don’t vote?

Our current president lies to us at every turn and now we have a VP candidate, Governor Palin who will lie to us about her own life story. This is a woman that supposedly went into labor in Dallas, Texas, got on a plane (passing many hospitals in Dallas) to Alaska for eight or nine hours, landed in Anchorage (passing at least two hospitals) and drove to some remote hospital to have her baby. What kind of judgment does she have to jeopardize the life of an unborn baby and the people on the plane? Palin says she is pro-life. However, who is she fooling with this story. Palin already knew she was carrying a Downs Syndrome child. Why would you get on a plane to go home and have this fragile baby?

All I know is we have an opportunity to elect a president of the United States who will stop this senseless war and bring back our troops. In Barack Obama, we have someone that will not lie to us about our jobs going overseas or why gas prices have hit the roof. The gas prices alone should be a wake up call to anyone that would form their lips and say, “I don’t vote!” People let’s stop the madness! Get yourselves registered, vote and vote early. Advance voting (In Person Absentee voting) begins September 22, 2008 at every County Board of Elections headquarters. Registered voters may vote without providing a reason. Just bring one of the six accepted pieces of I.D. It is that simple.

Pat Pullar