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11 September 2008

Guest Blogger: Andrew Honeycutt, Congressional Candidate Spouse

Andrew Honeycutt is married to Republican congressional candidate Deborah Honeycutt and is also an "executive" on his wife's campaign.

As an African American I am so disappointed with the Party of Lincoln that would [disenfranchise] Black delegates. The second highest number African American delegates we’ve ever had was in 1992 [107 delegates and we felt the Republican Party was taking off. But now the Republican Party seems to be denying it’s the Party of Lincoln. They’re acting more like the Party of Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson created a black family and a white family. He ignored and denied the black family. The Republican Party was created to free the slaves but now they ignore and deny that we exist. They make deals with Democrats to make sure that a corrupt Democrat stays in power in the 13th Congressional District. They won’t support arguably the most qualified Republican challenger in the state, Deborah Honeycutt.

It’s not personal, it’s not partisan; it’s about power. It’s personal to me right now. I’m speaking as a husband who has conservative views and has integrity. It’s time for us to quit playing these damn games; quit allowing the old guard African American civil rights leadership to make deals against the black community to maintain their political clout and cache. They’d rather enjoy political power then serve the people. They know David Scott is corrupt. They’re his cohorts in an array of contemptible ways. The media ain’t going to upset the Andrew Young’s, the Rev. Joe Lowery’s, and the John Lewis’.

The [redistricting] deal is that most Georgia districts can be Republican, but Democrats can have Hank Johnson’s district, John Lewis’s district and you can have David Scott’s district. Those are safe Democrat districts; Republicans have made a deal to not even campaign or compete in those Congressional districts. That’s wrong.

It’s an insidious back-room deal by the reigning political power structure that says it’s alright for Democrats to control local Atlanta government, Clayton County local government and DeKalb local government because that’s where the black people live. But the jobs and economic opportunity aren’t going there; only despair.

GOPAC chairman Michael Steele and one other Black man from Texas were the only African Americans who spoke at the convention. This is the Party of Lincoln that had no true black representation. The rank and file Republicans are really good people. They want to see everybody have an opportunity. It is the Georgia Republican leadership; it is the national Republican leadership. Their biggest fear is if they get behind a black candidate like Deborah [Honeycutt] it might bring out the black vote and that will help the Democrats.

I’m not going to sit idly by and let the Republican Party ignore us and let the Democratic Party pimp us. It’s been happening for years. What I am ashamed of is John Lewis and Andy Young, who used to be champions for the underclass, and now they’ve gotten so fat as Democratic leaders they think Democrats are more powerful than God.

I don’t care what they say. They have no record to stand on in Georgia. All they have is their own self-interest. They haven’t done anything since the 1960’s. They’re in bed with the same Democrats who beat them over the head and hosed them; the same people who pimped them then and are pimping them now!