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08 September 2008

Fulton County Judge To Hear GA Voting Machines Lawsuit

Voter Georgia, a nonprofit organization that wants to rid Georgia of its electronic voting machines, will finally have its day in court nearly two years after the group first filed a lawsuit seeking to ban the vote recording machines. and the Associated Press are reporting that Fulton County Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson will hear arguments from Voter Georgia attorneys today [Source:, "Ga. Judge to Hear Voting Machine Lawsuit", September 8, 2008].

Garland Favorito, a member of Voter Georgia and a plantiff in the suit, said the hearing would begin at 2:30 this afternoon at the Fulton County Courthouse. Favorito went on to say that he wasn't sure if his organization would get a favorable ruling from the judge before the November election.

According to Voter Georgia's website, the group first filed suit against the state of Georgia to ban use of electronic voting machines in 2006 claiming the use of the machines were "illegal and unconstitutional." In March of this year, the group filed a summary judgment motion seeking to ban the state's electronic voting equipment claiming that individuals who vote on election day, using electronic voting machines, lack the equal protection and due process that absentee voters --who use optically scanned paper ballots-- have.

Gov. Perdue, Secretary of State Karen Handel, and the Georgia State Election Board are listed as defendants in the suit.