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30 September 2008

Elected Officials in Chatt Hills Lead By Example

When's the last time you heard of people cheering an increase in their taxes?

Well that's what happened in the year-old city of Chattahoochee Hills Country when the city council voted to double city property taxes in the face of sagging revenues.

The new city expected $2.6 million in revenue in its first year. Instead, just $1.4 million came in.

Firefighters and police officers are still needed, so city leaders said they did what they had to do. They doubled city property taxes. Last week, when the city council voted on the hike, citizens in the audience applauded.
[Source:, "South Fulton Mayor Works for Free", September 30, 2008]

In addition to the tax hike, the mayor, most of the city council and the city manager are all working for free. According to 11Alive, the money saved by the combined salaries will pay for two more police officers.

While no one likes higher taxes, the people of Chatt Hills seem to be accepting the increase because A.) their elected officials came to them and explained the problem; and B.) their elected leaders aren't sitting around voting themselves pay raises -- they're saving the city money by working for free.

More elected officials could stand to learn a thing or two from the examples being set down in Chattahoochee Hills Country.