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16 September 2008

Don't Blame Paul Broun For Not Waiting To Debate...

...Blame the media.

You can attribute that logic to Tim Echols, the treasurer of Paul Broun's congressional campaign.

Today, in the Athens Banner-Herald, Echols penned an editorial in which he blamed the media for his boss's unwillingness to discuss the issues of importance to 10th district voters with his Democratic opponent, Bobby Saxon.

...the Athens Banner-Herald ("Broun debate flip-flop raises serious issues," Editorial, Sept. 14) and local radio host, Tim Bryant, insist on chastising Broun to drive to all 21 counties and debate an opponent. Debates don't just happen. They take an enormous amount of time in preparation and follow-through. Time Broun feels is better spent in face-to-face contact with people around the 10th district.

Broun's opponent is desperate for a forum. He has little money. The national party is not helping him. So he wants Broun to help him by supplying 21 media events to showcase his positions. Broun is a great public servant, but he is not obligated to provide his opponent with publicity. [Source: Athens Banner-Herald, "Blame local media, not Broun, for debate opt-out brouhaha", September 16, 2008]

Echols goes on to write that his boss, Paul Broun, has already debated Bobby Saxon four times and "that is more than Obama will debate McCain."

Now whether or not Paul Broun is a "great public servant" is up for debate which is why voters in the 10th congressional district should have an opportunity to see the two candidates side-by-side in a debate setting before the election.

One candidate refusing to debate another shows, as Paul Broun would say, a great disdain for the people they seek to represent in public office.