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10 September 2008

The Debate Over Debates in Georgia's U.S. Senate Race

This morning, the Atlanta Journal Constitution Political Insider is all over the 3way between the Buckley, Chambliss and Martin senate campaigns as they try to hammer out a debate schedule that is accomodating to the incumbent, Saxby Chambliss.

Here's the gist of it:

Democrat Jim Martin wants to debate Republican Saxby Chambliss and Libertarian Allen Buckley once a week every week until the election. In the absence of the weekly debates, Martin wants a minimum of ten debates to take any place in Georgia or in Washington, D.C. if necessary to fit into Chambliss' schedule.

Saxby Chambliss, the incumbent, currently has five debates on his calendar - the November 2nd Atlanta Press Club debate; a debate on WALB-TV (Albany) in October; a candidate forum sponsored by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia; a debate at the Georgia State Fair in October; and the State Farm Candidate forum.

Finally, Libertarian Allen Buckley seems to want the Martin proposed schedule of eight to ten debates including one in Washington if necessary to fit into to Saxby Chambliss' schedule.

The AJC is reporting that all three campaigns are in negotiations over the fall debate schedule [Source: Atlanta Journal Constititution, "Allen Buckley: Saxby Chambliss has put a cap on debates", September 10, 2008].