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18 September 2008

CQ Politics Says Georgia Is Still Republican Favored

In August, CQ Politics released its election forecast for the state of Georgia and they predicted that the Peach State would land in John McCain's column come November [Source: CQ Politics, "Dems Have Georgia on Their Minds but GOP Remains Strong, August 13, 2008].

A month later, CQ Politics has updated their election forecast for Georgia and the largest state east of the Mississippi River (take that Florida, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania!) is still predicted to fall in John McCain's column this November [Source: CQ Politics, "Latest State-by-State General Election Match-Ups", September 17, 2008].

Yeah, well, at least we've got two Nobel Peace Prize winners that hail from this state, former President Jimmy Carter and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. None of those other frickin' battleground states can claim that.