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17 September 2008

Common Cause Says Georgia Isn't Ready For November 4th...

...So why not just skip the lines and vote early beginning Monday, September 22nd.

Although the Secretary of State's office disagrees, the government watchdog group Common Cause says that Georgia isn't ready for the anticipated high turnout for the November 4th General Election.

Common Cause and The Century Foundation studied 10 state election systems and concluded that Georgia's is one of the least voter-friendly. [Source: Savannah Morning News, "Report: Georgia discourages people from voting", September 17, 2008]

The report from Common Cause cites Georgia's electronic voting machines, photo ID requirements and the lack of a statewide policy on voter registration verification as their reasons for declaring the Peach State not ready the the November election.

Well, if the findings of Common Cause are true and Georgia isn't ready for November 4th, then just vote early.

If you're against showing photo ID when you vote, then vote by mail; no photo ID is needed.

If you hate long lines, beginning Monday, you have 45 days to vote early at your local elections office.

If you aren't sure if you're registered to vote, use the Secretary of State's Poll Locator to find out.

If, after using the Poll Locator, you still aren't sure if you're on the books, contact your county's eletions office.

If after all that, you still don't know if you're registered to vote, then doggone it download and complete one of these voter registration forms before October 6th.

And if you don't vote, despite having 45 days to do so, I'll be very disappointed in you.