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17 September 2008

Bobby Saxon: Paul Broun Desperate To Avoid Facing The Voters

Bobby Saxon, the Democrat seeking to unseat Congressman Paul Broun, has issued a new challenge to his Republican opponent; debate me anytime, anywhere on any topic.

Responding to an editorial column by Broun's campaign treasurer [Source: Athens Banner-Herald, "Blame local media, not Broun, for debate opt-out brouhaha", September 16, 2008], Saxon said Paul Broun was desperate to do anything to avoid facing the voters in a debate format.

"Paul Broun shows his hypocrisy [by not agreeing to a debate]," Saxon said.

Saxon called Broun a hypocrite for criticizing then-state Sen. Jim Whitehead for ducking out on debates during the 2007 10th congressional district special election, but now adopting Whitehead's no-debate strategy in the 2008 campaign.

Saxon also criticized the Republican Congressman's voting record saying that there were numerous examples of Broun voting against the interests of the 10th district.

"He said he was for farmers, but voted against the farm bill," Saxon said. "Paul Broun doesn't stand for anything except what will get him re-elected."

"I'm a conservative Democrat willing to work in a bipartisan manner. Paul Broun is the extreme opposite," Saxon continued.

When asked how his campaign was going, the 10th district Democratic nominee said that his message was resonating loud and clear.