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11 September 2008

The Big Utilities Have Their Voice On The PSC...

...But due to budget cuts ordered by Sonny Perdue, the people of Georgia just lost its voice.

The state agency that represents the little guy before the Georgia Public Service Commission will be doing so no more.

The Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs is cutting funding for the Consumers Utility Counsel, whose lawyers argued on behalf of residents and small businesses during utility rate cases and other pocketbook matters. Spokesman Bill Cloud confirmed Tuesday that the consumer affairs office will "defund" the CUC as a way to meet Gov. Sonny Perdue’s request for a 6 percent cut in state spending.
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "
Average Joe’s voice on utilities silenced"
, September 11, 2008]

So, for those of you keeping up, Sonny started so innocently with cuts to PeachCare and Medicaid. Then he cut the funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs resulting in the closure of the Georgia War Veterans Home in Milledgeville. Now, because of Gov. Perdue's cuts, the little guy stands alone against Big Utilities' big and powerful lawyers.

Not another person born in Georgia on December 20, 1946 would do all of this, but we're lucky (rolls eyes) because Sonny did.