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05 September 2008

Atlanta 2012: The Republican National Convention?

Twenty years ago, the city of Atlanta hosted its first national political convention when the 1988 Democratic National Convention was held at the old Omni coliseum. Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis and Texas Senator Lloyd Bentsen were nominated for president and vice president; and then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton gave a speech that went on for so long, he almost had the sandman come sweep him off the stage.

Four years later, in 1992, Bill Clinton had the last laugh.

Anyhow, the Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that state Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine is floating the idea of Atlanta hosting the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine wants to explore the possibility of an Atlanta bid for the 2012 Republican National Convention.

"Let’s see if we can go ahead and put a bid together and let’s take a serious look and weigh the options," Oxendine said. "We can do a better one in Atlanta. Why don’t we take a look at doing that?"
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Oxendine eyes 2012 convention in ATL", September 4, 2008]

While I'd much prefer the Democratic National Convention come to Atlanta in 2012, I'm on the same wave length as Commissioner Oxendine. Atlanta could host a better Republican or Democratic convention. We've got plenty of hotels within walking distance of the World Congress Center, Georgia Dome and Philips Arena. We have lots of local attractions such as Centennial Olympic Park, Lenox Square and the High Museum of Art. And the city of Atlanta has proven time and time again that we can host the big events with little to no disruptions.

So yeah, I think Atlanta should go after the 2012 Republican National Convention.