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15 September 2008

Absentee Voting Made Easy - Go Vote

After becoming frustrated in 2006 when their friends did not vote -- not because they didn't care -- but because the process was too confusing and there was no one to guide them through it, four college students founded Go Vote to provide all the information anyone needs to request their absentee ballot and have their voices heard.

Before Go Vote was launched, many Americans who wanted to vote but were away from home on election day -- particularly students who are away at college -- used to have a hard time finding their absentee ballot request forms, deadlines, state-specific procedures, even the contact information of their county or municipal clerk.

Now, voters can type in their zip code and receive all the information they need at their fingertips. improves upon previously available resources by:

  • Bringing information directly to the voter for his/her county or municipality, bypassing confusing websites to easily get the information he/she needs to both register to vote and vote absentee.
  • gives step-by-step guidance for each step of the process -- no longer do voters need to puzzle through complicated forms alone.
  • Up-to-date contact information for every county and municipality in the nation links voters directly to their local officials in charge of absentee voting.
  • An email reminder system makes sure that each user receives their ballot, and gives them information on how to follow up if there is a problem.
  • A clean, easy-to-use web interface gives voters this information without further confusion or extraneous steps.
  • A dynamic support system will allow users who are still having problems requesting a ballot to get help from a trained member of the team
Go Vote was founded by Brown University students Sam Oliker-Friedland and Kyle Warren, Emerson College student Brian Moore, and University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee student Michele Felski-Smith.