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17 September 2008

2 Democrats Attack Their GOP Opponents For The Country's Economic Woes

Democrats Stephen Camp and Jim Martin went on the attack this week accusing their Republican opponents of doing nothing to prevent the economic crisis that has left investment banks Lehman Brothers and Merril Lynch on the brink of collapse.

"Congressman Westmoreland has demonstrated his flawed misjudgment on the core problem that has contributed to the failures of investment banks Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch on Wall Street, and has caused economic hardship for homeowners and small businesses on Main Street throughout the Third District," Camp said. "Westmoreland let the foxes guard the henhouse on the economy. And now the hens are gone and the foxes are sick."

He [Saxby Chambliss] has been part of a system that’s been broken in Washington, where it’s been the Wild West in terms of financial interests and special interests and that needs to change," Martin said during a news conference outside his Midtown campaign office.

"I hold him accountable for the financial crisis we’re in," Martin said.
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Martin says Chambliss turned ‘blind eye’ to crisis", September 17, 2008]

Stephen Camp is opposing Congressman Lynn Westmoreland in the 3rd congressional district election while Jim Martin is attempting to unseat U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss this November.

Polls show Chambliss with a large lead over Jim Martin and although no opinion surveys have been conducted in the 3rd district, that hasn't kept Stephen Camp from being aggressive in his campaign for Congress.

"Thinking like Westmoreland on the economy is what got us into this ditch," Camp said. "We need new leadership to get us out of the ditch and back on the right track with our economy."