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05 August 2008

Vernon Jones: "I need you to come out right now"

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Vernon Jones recorded a last minute robo call that was sent to voters in Fulton County. The phone message runs about 52 seconds and I apologize for the poor audio quality. Below is the audio and the text:


This is Vernon Jones and I'm running for the United States Senate.

I need you right now, you fine people of Fulton County. I need you to come out to the polls today and vote. The turnout is very low and you all can make a difference.

I want to be your U.S. Senator.

I want to address high gasoline prices and fix traffic congestion in the metro area.

Please come out right now, it's a run off. I need your help. I want to be your senator. I want to work hard for you.

Too many people made too many sacrifices for us to vote.

We need you to come out right now at the sound of my voice.

If you're on the sofa, if you just made it home and you're tired from work; I know you're tired, but please get up. Go to the polls and vote.

We need your help and we need your support.

I can win this election. We know we can make history together.

We can send someone to Washington to understand your needs.

Again this is Vernon Jones. Please come out in this run off. This run off is happening right now. Please come out today and vote. Again, this is Vernon Jones. Thank you and God bless you and God bless Fulton County.

Bye, Bye.