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01 August 2008

Those Georgia Congressional Republicans Certainly Know How To Protest

I may be a Democrat and I may disagree with a majority of the Republican Party's policies, but doggone it if those guys don't know how to protest.

The microphones are off, the C-SPAN cameras are no longer running in the House chamber, but all is not silent as a group of House Republicans has stayed behind to continue to speak about energy issues.

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) began the protest, which included about 20 GOPers who chose not to make the traditional mad dash for the airport following adjournment. Instead, they gave speeches on the empty floor to protest that Congress went into recess and to raise awareness of what they say is an unwillingness by Democrats to take up legislation to deal with the nation’s energy crisis.

“There were about 40 people lined up to speak, and Democrats adjourned to keep us from doing the special orders,” Westmoreland said. “I was looking around and trying to figure out what we were going to do and just decided to go down to the well and started talking to the people in the galleries.” [Source: The Hill, "GOP talks energy in dark House chamber", August 1, 2008] says the Republicans are still going strong and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office derided the protest as a political stunt.