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01 August 2008

Survey Says Even Republicans Are Skeptical Of McCain's Attacks

HCD Research, a New Jersey-based communications research company, conducted a survey of 320 Americans nationwide that suggest John McCain's attack ads on Barack Obama aren't even winning over his Republican base.

The survey, taken July 31st, says that nearly two-thirds of Republicans (61%) were "disturbed, skeptical and saddened after viewing a new ad by John McCain, which likens Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton."

"We are not sure whether the negative emotions expressed by viewers were related to their feelings about either candidate or about the way in which the message was delivered," commented Glenn Kessler, president and CEO, HCD Research. "However, we do know that the ad did not move voters and they expressed negative emotions after viewing the ad."

According to the survey results, the emotions most felt by Republicans while watching the ad were "disturbing" (35%), "skepticism" (16%) and "sadness" (10%), compared to Democrats, who reported "skepticism" (44%) and "anger" (24%) and "disturbing" (14%) as the emotions most felt. Independents reported "skepticism" (41%), "disturbing" (18%) and "anger" (18%) as the emotions most felt while watching the ad.

Meanwhile, the Democratic National Committee has released a new web ad criticizing the Republican's presumptive presidential nominee for going back on his campaign promise to "wage a respectful campaign."

The ad titled "Desperate Times" highlights the fact that, McCain has resorted to questioning Senator Obama's patriotism and launching false and misleading attacks that have been widely debunked.

"Like so many other promises cast aside in his pursuit of the White House, John McCain's promise to run a respectful campaign didn't even make it to his convention," said DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney. "We all respect John McCain's service to our country, but he has clearly become an honorable man running a deeply dishonorable campaign. The American people deserve better, and John McCain knows it."

Well, back to the drawing board the 20,000 screaming McCainiacs go.