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25 August 2008

The Republican Party Wants To Buy Me A Few Drinks

As the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Denver, Colo., the Republican National Committee (RNC) will host a Happy Hour for Hillary today. From Republicans to independents to open-minded Democrats, John McCain is gathering support from voters nationwide who believe that he is the most qualified candidate to lead our country as Commander in Chief. [Source: Republican National Committee, "RNC Hosts Happy Hour for Hillary in Denver", August 25, 2008]

Todd Beeton over at was the first to find out about the GOP's new-found support for Hillary Clinton.

"This should be interesting," Beeton writes.

My question is what's so interesting about it? The Republican Party is offering free drinks. Nothing interesting about that...all you do is show up, get liquored up and turn the Hillary Happy Hour into a Grand Old Party.