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16 August 2008

Renewing America's Promise: The 2008 Democratic National Platform

Nine days from now, more than 4,000 delegates --including 102 Georgians-- will vote on a 94-page document that details the Democratic Party's vision for America. "Renewing America's Promise," the Democratic National Platform, contains statements of Democratic principles on a wide variety of topics from providing a world class education to every child to providing Americans with good jobs with good pay.

The platform was developed after Americans in all fifty states participated in 1,300 meetings to draft and submit their planks to the 186-member Democratic National Convention Platform Committee. On Saturday, August 9th, the Democrats' platform committee met in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where members debated, amended and voted to recommend the platform for adoption by the entire Democratic Convention.

Marc Ambinder has obtained a copy of the Democratic platform which is expected to pass with very little debate in Denver's Pepsi Center.