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18 August 2008

Rasmussen Reports: McCain, Chambliss Lead In Single Digits

Rasmussen Reports has two new polls out today that details the state of the presidential and U.S. Senate race in Georgia.

In the race for Georgia's 15 electoral votes, John McCain leads Barack Obama 50% to 43% [Source: Rasmussen Reports, "Georgia: McCain Up by Seven", August 18, 2008]. That two points lower than the 9-point lead McCain held in the July Rasmussen poll.

In the U.S. Senate race, Republican Saxby Chambliss would face a run-off if the election were held today.

Rasmussen shows Chambliss leading the Democratic nominee Jim Martin by 6 points; 48% to 43% [Source: Rasmussen Reports, "Georgia Senate: Chambliss Leads Martin by Six", August 18, 2008].

Georgia law requires that a candidate receive 50% plus one in order to win a primary or election without a run-off.