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23 August 2008

Previewing the DNC Rules Committee Meeting

In about an hour, the 186-member Democratic National Convention Rules Committee will meet to adopt the rules of procedure for the convention. The DNC Rules Committee will also set the agenda for the convention and recommend a slate the permanent convention officers (convention chair, convention co-chairs, secretary and sergeant-at-arms).

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is expected to address the panel at the beginning of the meeting.

Also on the agenda is the consideration of a proposal to create a delegate selection reform commission that will look at making changes to the way Democrats select the Party's presidential nominee.

Rules Committee Member Sam Yoon passed along a copy of an amendment to the DNC Charter called the "Full Participation & Fair Process" amendment. The proposed amendment would require any delegate selection plan for subsequent National Conventions to incorporatew the same safeguards of voter rights in general elections.