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21 August 2008

Perry McGuire Rolls Out Endorsements From Legislative Leaders

This morning, in an email to supporters, the 2006 Republican nominee for Attorney General announced the endorsement of several members of the GOP's legislative leadership --including Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson and House Majority Leader Jerry Keen-- for his campaign for a seat on the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Perry McGuire wrote in the email that "we are the front-runners in this important race for Georgia Court of Appeals."

"I view these critical endorsements as an important sign that Georgia leaders who make the laws and those who enforce them are ready for a rule-of-law, common-sense judge with practical legal experience to serve on the Georgia Court of Appeals," the Mcguire email said.

Below are the Republican legislators backing McGuire for Court of Appeals:

State Senate

Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson
Sen. Ronnie Chance (Governor’s Floor Leader)
Sen. Don Balfour (Rules Chair)
Sen. Chip Rogers (Finance Chair)
Sen. Bill Hamrick (Rules Vice-Chair; Judiciary Sec’y)
Sen. Judson Hill (Judiciary Secretary)
Sen. Bill Heath (Governor’s Floor Leader)
Sen. John Douglas (Chair, Veterans, Military and Homeland Security)

State House

Rep. Jerry Keen (House Majority Leader)
Rep. Jay Roberts (House GOP Caucus Chair)
Rep. Wendell Willard (Chair, Judiciary)
Rep. Bill Hembree (Chair, Higher Education; Appropriations)
Rep. Bobby Franklin (Chair, Legislative Reapportionment, Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Ed Setzler (Vice-Chair, Code Revision; Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Rich Golick (Governor’s Floor Leader)
Rep. Tim Bearden (Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. James Mills (Chair, Banks & Banking)
Rep. Matt Ramsey (Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Randy Nix (Information & Audits Sec’y)
Rep. Billy Horne (Deputy Whip; Public Safety & Homeland Security Sec’y)
Rep. Mark Butler (Vice-Chair, Appropriations)
Rep. Melvin Everson (Judiciary Non-Civil)
Rep. Clay Cox (Banks & Banking; Higher Education Sec’y)
Rep. Jay Neal (Vice-Chair, Public Safety)
Rep. Tony Sellier (Defense &Veterans Affairs Sec’y