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22 August 2008

Obama Opens Up Offices In Forsyth County...Now That's Chutzpah

Very few people would deny that Forsyth County is a Republican stronghold.

For the past three general elections, the Democratic candidate at the top of the ticket has received an average of 17.2% of the vote in the county. Most county elected officials, from the county commission chair to the clerk of state court, are Republicans. Nevertheless, Barack Obama's presidential campaign has gone deep into GOP territory to open up a campaign office there.

More than two decades ago, Forsyth County was a symbol of racial conflict. Now, it's home to a Georgia field office for an African American running for president.

"Isn't it incredible how far we've come?," asked Obama volunteer Jeff Jackness.

"Realistically, I don't think we're gonna win this county," he said. "But the showing is gonna be much greater -- and the good news is, we don't have to win the county. We just have to win the state."
[Source:, "Obama Opens Office In Republican Forsyth Co.", August 21, 2008]

In comparison, the McCain campaign has yet to open a single office in Georgia.